Thursday, July 23, 2015


 Doug and Kaye McGaughey own Natrakelp, it’s a family business with both son and daughter involved.
The factory is situated just out from Maroochydore, Queensland.
We use this product all year round in our garden and advise others just how good it is.
Natrakelp Liquid Seaweed is a certified organic product made from brown kelp.
The Brown kelp comes from the cold, unpolluted waters of both the southern and northern hemisphere.
Don’t forget that kelp is the fastest growing plant in the world
The efficacy of a seaweed product is judged by the amount of Alginic acid retained in the product.
Alginic acid is a naturally occurring hydrophilic colloidal polysaccharide (sugars) obtained from various species of brown seaweed (Kelp).
Seaweed products also contain a wide range of minerals and trace elements.
The kelp is either harvested or collected from the shoreline.
It is then hung in the open, allowed to be washed by the rain to remove any sand and excess salt, then kiln dried and put through a hammermill to the consistency of meal.
It is then bagged and sent to the factory at Maroochydore for processing.
It is then put into large stainless steel vats using a unique bacterial fermentation process for 21 days with absolutely no heat or chemical used.
This process retains all the vital elements of the original kelp including the alginates.
Other products are manufactured either after the alginate is removed or used as a bi- product or by using either heat or chemicals (acids) which tend to destroy much of the original alginates.
After the fermentation process the liquid is filtered to 100 mesh to allow it to go through all types of sprays.
Natrakelp is packaged into various sizes from 1 litre for home garden use to 1,000 litre for commercial growers.
Seaweed products are used for the ability to:

Provide more rapid germination
Increase nutrient uptake
Increase both yield and quality
Increase shelf life
Increased frost tolerance.
Increase photosynthesis
Decrease water stress due to either drought or salinity.

So, all in all it’s a great product that does wonders for your garden as it has done for ours.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fund Raising

My son Scott has commenced fund raising for his campaign at the next Disabled Water Ski World Championships in Elk Grove, California in September this year.

We are now fast approaching the end of the financial year, now may be the time to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to help him get to the Worlds and defend his ‘World Jump’ title.
The link below has been set up by Sporting Wheelies and the money raised goes into a Levy account which can only be accessed for expenses related to sporting activities.

To give you an idea of some of the costs, Scott’s airfare will be approximately $2700 and the excess baggage fee for ski gear will be about $600or more.

As his Dad I want to help him all I can.

Thank you.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

May 2015 Garden News

May garden news is a little bit late this month as believe it or not we have been on holiday.
We spent six days at Agnes Water/1770 which is the longest holiday we have had since I can remember.

We went up there to see our son Warrick and his family who seem to have stopped their round Australia venture to settle down in Agnes Water.

It was lovely to bond again with our Grand Daughters Charlotte and Celeste.
I really do not blame them as it is a truly beautiful part of the world.
We will of course miss them so much as they used to live only a couple of streets away.
 Some of our Orchids.

We gave presentations to ‘Glebe Garden Club’, ‘Golden Downs Retirement village’ and ‘Victoria Point Garden Club’ during the month.
 Golden Downs
Victoria Point
My set up for presentations.

I woke up one morning to heavy rain and made a decision to start a long awaited bathroom renovation, our came the jack hammer and all my tools and I stripped the bathroom completely even taking out the sub floor. I then replaced a lot of wall board that was damaged.

I would not touch the tiling as that is to me a professional job and lucky for us we know a great tiler.
We have had some good rain and all the tanks are still full, what a relief going into winter (our dry period) with full tanks, hopefully this year will not be as stressful as others.
 Triplaris in flower.

I have started my mulching program and have already used 25 bales of sugar cane mulch, I am a bit late doing it this year and will need to order some more.
 Some gingers I bought off the Bunning throw out table.

My Facebook page ‘The Giving Garden’ is doing really well with almost 800 followers.
Sorry but there’s not a lot happened this month so for May it’s short and sweet.

 Ruellia macranatha

 Curly Poinsetta
Cardinal Creeper

Enjoy the photos.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 2015 Garden News

The unexpected happened this month. My youngest son Warrick and his family are on a two year caravanning trip around Australia. They were last heard of at Naracoorte in South Australia.
On the evening of the 8th of this month there was a knock on the door, I answered it but could not see anyone until I looked down and saw two little blond girls. My mind could not fathom what was happening, my first thought was ‘Trick or Treat’ but it’s April not November, then I wondered who they belonged two until they sang out “hello Grandpa”. Well, I almost fell over with shock when Warrick and Fabie also sang out.
They had driven all the way from South Australia to be here for my 70th Birthday and what a great surprise that was.

 Granddad's attempt at face painting

They stayed with us for two weeks before heading to Agnes Waters and Northern Australia.
We miss the girls so much and poor ‘Diggity Dog’ is missing them too.
Poor Diggity outside the children's bedroom.

 Birthday cupcakes in the den.

On the Saturday after my Birthday we got together as a family at Currumbin Creek and I had a great paddleboard. All in all it was a great birthday; in fact I think it was the best ever.

On ANZAC day I marched in Toowoomba, it was special because Scott and his two children came with us and saw me march for the first time.

Garden presentations at Albany Creek Garden Club and the Northern District Horticultural Society, both are fairly big clubs and my presentations were well received.

I have done little in the garden this month other than to prune and trim the jaboticabas, carambolas and grumichama tree's, instead we spent valuable time with our grand children and Warrick and Fabie.
As I write this a rain event is happening they are forecasting anything up to 400 mills in the next two days. That’s good it will put moisture into the subsoil and fill up all our tanks.

This year has been so much better that last year where it only rained on three occasions the entire year.
 Difformis anchomanes

 Ipomea carnea

 Costus Rubra x Erythrophyllus

 Medinilla scortechinii
Strelitza 'Mandelas Gold'
I woke up this morning not even thinking about doing this bathroom renovation but it just happened.

My Facebook page 'The Giving Garden' has almost reached 700 likes.