Thursday, September 01, 2016

Garden News August 2016

I just heard on the radio that some areas of South East Queensland received up to 300 mills of rain this month.
One thing that really is for sure is that it was not Birkdale, we had about 20 mills all month, anything is better than nothing.
I am surprised how long our rainwater tanks are lasting, getting low now but surely we must get some decent rain soon as they say we are going from El Nino to La Lina this year which is supposed to bring us rain.
A garden talk this month to ‘Banksia Garden Club’ on Bribie Island. They were a great club and were very hospitable towards Judy and I, we enjoyed our day there.

We had a trip to Agnes Water to see my son and family and I found myself roped in for a garden talk at their first ever ‘Orchid and Foliage Festival’.

We went to the local 1770 markets and a metal sculpture took my fancy.

The Capalaba Lions club visited and we planned out this year’s ‘Open Garden’, they are very focused and should put on some nice food for our visitors.
I managed to get all four Carambola trees trimmed and started on the Custard Apples, always a big job.
The humble 'Pig Face' always looks spectacular this time of year.

Our neighbour has finally cut down his massive (widow maker) gum tree that was virtually on our fence line, so no longer will our garden and gutters be filled with gum leaves and branches and he can sleep soundly knowing a branch is not going to come down onto his bedroom.

It is also the right time to dig out the Caladium and Blood Lily bulbs, refurbish the gardens and replant.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Garden News July 2016

How quickly this year is going, almost August already and now we have to start thinking about our ‘Open Garden’.
July has been quite mild; in fact most of winter has been mild, we have only had the fire on a couple of days and I have worn shorts every day so far.
This is the 'Chalice Vine, the flower smells like coconut.

A beautiful showing of Brugmansia's at the moment.

Not a lot of rain this month, just a couple of light showers so it’s back to hand watering the garden.  
We did two presentations this month, one to the ‘Redlands Horticultural Society’ and one to ‘Kenmore Garden Club’.

We also went to a meeting of the ‘International Cordyline Society’ which was held in Capalaba, we are going to host the September meeting.
As per usual I have brought in several trailer loads of soil to top up gardens, seems a never ending task.
We had a second crop of Carambolas this year and the Grand Children helped to pich, they also did some chores around the garden.

Judy asked me to clear out an area where she could place more of her potted plants, so here is the result.

While walking around the garden I looked and thought a garden edge was just too straight so within two days all the rocks, sleepers and cement was removed and then the garden was extended with ‘curves’ and now looks much better.

I have been wanting a decent pole saw for a while, so I bit the bullet and bought a Silky Forester 4.5 metre pole saw. It was expensive but you have to pay for quality. I have reviewed some Silky products on my 'Garden Product Review site'.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Garden News June 2016

Early in the month we had a big bus load of visitors from Caloundra Garden Club. Even though it was winter and a lot of plants were in their dormant phase everyone said how much they enjoyed the garden. They were a nice bunch of gardeners and we enjoyed hosting them.

One garden presentation this month and that was a return visit to Logan City Garden Club where I gave my ‘Bizarre and Beautiful Botanicals’ presentation.

Judy had a scare when she went into hospital for her second operation on her Rheumatoid Arthritis, the found an irregularity with her heart and she had to see a heart specialist, result being she now has a heart pacemaker inserted. Then she had a fall and broke her top rib, not a good month for Judy.
We went to see Marie Jones garden ‘Lindmar’ situated at Morayfield, it was a nice garden and worth the trip out there.
Finally some good rain it was badly needed as most of our seven tanks were empty.
Still not enough to fill all of our tanks with three still empty I am not complaining as any bit of rain is welcome to fall in our garden.
Still working hard in the garden with another garden refurbished with new soil and plants, I really think the garden is going to look magnificent for November’s opening.
 Forest Lily
 Abutilon three colours
 Begonia Angel Wings
 Cattleya Orchid

 Cattleya Orchid

 Amorphophallus Konjak

I had promised my son Scott that I would build him garden beds this year and after finding a great looking border block that would compliment his home I started, my main aim was colour and flowers  for the children plus easy maintenance as Scott is in a wheelchair.
I think I achieved that with borders of miniature agapanthus then a selection of croton’s and cordylines behind.

Our Carambola’s are into their second crop this year and are absolutely loaded with fruit, usually I have trimmed them by now but will have to wait until the crop has finished.

Looking forward to next month’s Garden Expo at Nambour, we go every year and really enjoy it, get to buy some plants and meet a lot of gardening friends and acquaintances.